Introducing Flexjoint – the water proof expansion joint system

March 19, 2013


Flexjoint EP is an innovative water tight expansion joint product designed to be torched on to any other Torch on membrane system, or epoxied into place to almost any sub straight.

Flexjoint EP is unique by its ability to be joined on site by a vulcanization process to accommodate for any change in direction or corners as you can see on the Flexjoint website in the details section.

This product is able to create a continuous seismic joint throughout the transitions imposed with odd angles, junctions / transitions and offer full seismic movements as per the Seismic movement table for product on the website.

Flexjoint EP allows for a 4 way seismic movement, whilst maintaining its waterproof aspects and achieving up to a + 100mm horizontal separation on the Flexjoint EP 75.

For more details and information please have a look at the Flexjoint New Zealand website at




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