Construction Specialties is Green Again

February 15, 2013

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We have just renewed our New Zealand green building council membership for 2013!

Construction specialties have participated in many green buildings in the past such as Papamoa College, The Drake, Carlaw Park and Quay Plaza.

Our green products include seismic joints, Acrovyn wall protection, entrance flooring, performance louvers and explosion vents.

Our seismic joints are produced in an environmentally friendly way and also assist in ensuring the longevity of the project so that floors, walls and ceilings don’t crack and fall away in seismic activity.

Acrovyn is all PVC free manufactured and will ensure maximum wall protection for hospitals and rest homes, this again will extended the life of the building and keep repairs to a minimum and helping with less replacement products thought the buildings lifetime.

Explosion vents can have the biggest environmental saving as they can reduce or avoid all together the damage to a building in the event of an internal explosion which could potentially destroy the building.

Performance louvers are not only manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner they also archive the highest performance for air conditioning requirements with a low moister content where needed ensuring low moister within the building.

Good Entrance flooring helps by minimizing dirt and water getting trekked throughout the building, which in return reduces cleaning costs, this is achieved by slotted sections between carpet tracks to allow somewhere for the dirt / water to escape we also use a high strength abrasive carpet.

We have an extensive history based on the LEED program to see more click on the leaf icon in the literature page

For more information on our green products please contact us either by email or call on (09) 444 0238

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