“Creating products that make buildings better.” That’s our tagline and our track record proves it.

We established in New Zealand in 1988 and we are constantly expanding. We are working closely with architects and construction companies in Christchurch to assist in the rebuild of the city from the devastating earthquakes.

Our comprehensive range of products offer solutions to many common building problems as well as the more technical issues.

Building Asset Managers Are you tired of repairing wall damage to corridors and doors. Ask about our Acrovyn® wall protection range, our products are seen in most hospitals.
Afraid of structural damage to buildings due to seismic movements?
Our Movement and seismic Joint Covers can prevent a lot of minor and major damage.
Require good rain defence on top of effective ventilation within your building? We have a full range of specialist ventilation Louvers for varying levels of rain defence and controlled ventilation.

Besides delivering quality products, we provide our customers with excellent support services. Our experienced design and operations teams are always ready to attend to your product needs and installation issues, please do not hesitate to contact our team with queries of any nature.

1948 Ed and Mary Ellen Hallock founded Construction Specialties in Newark, New Jersey, as a manufacturer’s representative firm. They also defied the odds. The business they started has become a global leader in architectural and engineered products.

1951 C/S hired its first factory employee to begin manufacturing specialty building products.

1955 C/S developed the industry’s first extruded aluminium louver, to meet the demands of a large Navy contract.

1956 C/S introduces Sun Controls to the architectural community. Recognising the need to shade building interiors from heat and glare, C/S introduced Cantilevered and Suspended Sunshades.

1961 C/S Canada Opens. Located in a suburb of Toronto, C/S Canada manufactures all C/S products.

1968 C/S begins global expansion with opening of its French factory. To serve the international architectural community, C/S opened the first of its five plants in Europe.

1969 C/S introduced Acrovyn® Wall Protection. C/S Acrovyn revolutionised wall protection, and it proved so effective that today it can be found in thousands of facilities worldwide.

1972 C/S introduces Pedigrid/Pedimat architectural entrance flooring. C/S architectural entrance grids and mats were design to stop dirt at the door beautifully.

1978 C/S expands into the Middle East construction market. C/S was one of the first American companies to open a manufacturing plant in Saudi Arabia.

1979 C/S acquires DataAire, inventor of computer room air conditioning, to meet the highly critical requirements of humidity and environmental control.

1981 C/S introduced Acrovyn wall covering/panels. C/S introduced a complete line of handsome, durable wall coverings and wall panels to coordinate with Acrovyn Handrails and Corner Guards.

1983 C/S develops the first expansion joint fire barrier. To prevent the chnimney effect of fires in expansion joints, C/S developed the industry’s first UL approved fire barrier.

1987 C/S opens first Far East office in Hong Kong to meet the expanding needs of the Far East market.

1994 C/S introduces rain resistant louvers in the United States. Twenty times more effective than standard drainable louvers, C/S Storm Resistant louvers are tested in our exclusive chamber.

1995 C/S acquires APC, Wall Glaze, Grand Entrance and Couvraneuf subsidiaries. To expand the product base and to move into other markets, C/S purchased several well established companies.

1998 C/S celebrates 50th anniversary.

2004 Acrovyn Doors introduced. Patented Acrovyn Doors are virtually indestructible, and unlike standard wood doors, they don’t chip, split or crack.

2009 C/S introduces Floorometry®. C/S Floorometry changed the rules of entrance flooring forever with four revolutionary systems.

2009 C/S Acrovyn 4000 introduced. Environmentally-friendly Acrovyn 4000 is the industry’s only wall protection that is completely free of PVC and PBTs.