Wallglaze System Properties

Which of your systems has the highest abrasion resistance?
C/S Armourglaze.

Do the top-coats come in different sheens?
Yes. Please refer to System Data Sheets for individual systems detailed information.

Which system has the highest Chemical Resistance?
C/S Armourglaze. Contact us for detailed information on Chemical Resistance for individual systems.

Which systems conform to HBN 26?
C/S Wallflex.

Which systems can be decontaminated from radioactivity?
C/S Wallflex.

What is the estimated life expectancy?
Wallsheen: 6 – 8 years.
Wallshield WB: 8 – 12 years.
Wallflex, Armourglaze and Armoursheen: 10 – 15 years.

Wallglaze Anti-Microbial Properties

Do the anti-microbial properties last for the life of the coating?

Do the sub-coats contain anti-microbial additives?
Yes, they all do.

Do the Biocides conform to the European Biocides Directive?

What criteria are the antimicrobial properties tested to?
JIS Z 2801 standard.

Are your systems all MRSA resistant?

What other well known germs are they resistant to?
Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella typhinium, Aspergillus niger and others. Contact us for detailed Bacterial and Fungal Resistance information.

Wallglaze Colours

What colours are available?
Standard colours include BS 4800, NCS 2nd series and RAL Classic. Colours can also be matched to project requirements.

Are the colours light-fast?
Yes. Certificates are available upon request.

Do the colours contain environmentally dangerous pigments?

Are the pigments leachable?
No, when cleaned/maintained correctly (please refer to our Cleaning and Maintenance Instructions for details).

Substrate and Application Conditions

What does the moisture content of the substrate have to be before commencing coating?
Below 20 points for the application of C/S Multi-Surface Primer and below 12 points for the application of any other C/S Primer, as measured on a Protimeter on the wood scale.

What substrates can I apply Wallglaze coatings to?
Any substrate can be coated, except for polypropylene. Please refer to System Data Sheets for information on suitable primers.