Handrails and Crashrails

What lengths are available?

Acrovyn rails are supplied in 4 metre lengths or cut to size as required.

How do I cut Acrovyn hand or crash rails?

Best results are achieved by cutting both aluminium retainers and Acrovyn covers with a power mitre saw. A fine toothed hacksaw can also be used.

What is the recommended height for hand rails?

HTM69 states 1000mm above finished floor level (ffl). Building Regulations state on ramps between 900mm and 1000mm from ffl to top of handrail and on landings between 900mm and 1100mm.

If I want cut-to-size material what measurements must I provide?

Measure door jamb to door jamb; the factory will make the appropriate deductions.

How critical is correct measurement and cutting?

Measuring and cutting are critical to achieving the best possible fit and finish, although Acrovyn rails are designed to allow for some adjustment of end caps after installation. Timber rails allow for no adjustment.

Are outside corners available for all products?

No, some rails do not have certain corner accessories. Stop and start with 2 end caps is the alternative.

How do I deal with odd angle corners?

Most rails do not have irregular corner accessories. Stop and start with 2 end caps is the alternative.

Can some radiuses be performed in the field?

Acrovyn, yes. Timber, no. Please ask our Customer Services Team for product specific information.

Are the timber rails always pre-finished?

Timber handrails will be supplied in natural finish with clear lacquer. Solid bamboo handrails are available in natural or honey finish.

What can I do to help prevent high risk patients from harming themselves?

C/S offers two anti-ligature hand/crash rail options with continuous fixing detail. Please refer to pages 14-15 of our C/S Acrovyn Wall, Door and Corner Protection brochure.

Corner Guards

What heights are available?

1m, 1.2m, 2.4m and 3.0m are standard heights for most Acrovyn models, with any size up to 4m being available on some models.

Are special angles available?

Acrovyn surface mounted corner guard model SCGv50 will provide a flexible solution to odd angled corners other than 90° or 135°.

Why should I use an end cap at the bottom of surface mounted corner guards?

The bottom cap prevents the cover from slipping down.

How far above the finished floor should a corner guard start?

It’s recommended that all guards start at the top of the skirting to facilitate floor cleaning.

How do I install clear polycarbonate corner guards?

Applying clear corner guards must be done with screws because adhesive will show through the unit.

Flat Protection

Are Acrovyn panels fire rated?

Yes. Acrovyn panels are made with Fire Rated mdf.

Where can Acrovyn panels be used?

Acrovyn panels can be installed over any flat surface such as ceramic tile, block, painted or vinyl clad drywall.

What panel thicknesses are available?

Standard 9mm or 12mm panel boards are available clad with 1mm or 2mm thick Acrovyn sheet.

How is sheet applied?

Contact Adhesive – fixing instructions available from our Customer Services Team.

Is it possible to seal the joints?

Yes. Colour matched mastic is available.

Can Acrovyn sheet be formed?

Acrovyn sheet can be heated using a controlled and uniform thermal cycle at between 140-160oC. Acrovyn will start to thermally degrade at temperatures over 160oC. Please contact our Customer Services Team for details of our blanket forming and line bending capabilities.

How do I cut Acrovyn sheet?

2mm – fine toothed saw or score several times with a Stanley knife along a metal rule and snap. 1mm sheet can be cut with scissors or a Stanley knife.

Can 1mm or 2mm Acrovyn sheet be used smooth side out?

No. Only textured side has a consistent colour. Instead, we offer a 2mm thick smooth Hydroclad Hygienic Sheet, especially for use in clean areas.

Are there areas where I shouldn’t use Acrovyn sheeting and profiles?

Avoid using Acrovyn directly inside glazed areas where excessive heat gain from sunlight can cause blistering of sheet due to rapid expansion. Acrovyn is not suitable for use out of doors or in swimming pool environment. Acrovyn sheet is also not recommended on blockwork walls.

Can I use Acrovyn sheet to protect my doors and door frames?

Yes. We offer a complete range of door and frame cladding to suit every design concept and budget from kick plates to full cladding. Faux Wood sheet allows the use of highly resilient simulated wood finish door sets.


What is the thermal movement of Acrovyn?

0.07mm/m per every one degree Celsius.

Why must Acrovyn products be acclimatised in an environment 18-24ºC (65-75ºF) for at least 24 hours prior to installation?

It helps prevent unnecessary shrinkage or expansion problems after installation is complete.

What chemicals is Acrovyn resistant to?

Please refer to the chemical resistance table available from our Customer Services Team.

Can I use Acrovyn in a cold room environment?

Impact strength of Acrovyn is directly related to the temperature and the impact strength is drastically decreased at temperatures below 0ºC.

Can I recycle Acrovyn?

Yes, it can be recycled at your local plastic waste recycling centre.