Colour Selection

C/S Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings can be supplied in any BS 4800, RAL Classic or NCS 2nd Series colour as standard. Colours can also be matched to project requirements.

Fibreglass Reinforcement

Where greater resistance to impact, abrasion or steam cleaning is required, fibreglass reinforcement options (FG Light or FG Heavy) can be incorporated into C/S Wallglaze systems. Additionally six decorative patterns in light fibreglass tissue are available for use with Wallsheen system only.


Samples of all products are available on request.

Cleaning and Maintenance

C/S Wallglaze Hygienic Coatings will inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi on their surface. However, the build up of grease, dirt and nutrients on the coating’s surface will impair its effectiveness, thus creating a surface where bacteria and fungi can grow. Regular cleaning should therefore be undertaken.

The following cleaners are available from C/S:

  • C/S Wallclenze – a mild water based detergent, suitable for cleaning all C/S Wallglaze systems.
  • C/S Gel Cleaner – a heavy duty cleaner gel, suitable for removing stubborn stains from polyurethane systems (Wallflex, Armourglaze).

Test Data

For information on resistance of Wallglaze systems to chemicals, scrub, abrasion and fire, as well as microbial resistance data refer to individual System Technical Data Sheets.


Please contact us for details of preferred applicators in your area.

Application instructions will be issued with product shipment. Copies can also be requested by phone or email.

COSHH Regulations

Construction Specialties comply with the statutory requirement for the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulations. MSD Sheets are available on request.

Environmental Issues

Construction Specialties are committed to protecting the environment. We ensure:

  • R&D investment into environmentally friendly products
  • Efficient production
  • Minimisation of waste
  • Recycle where possible
  • Safe disposal facility

Warranty Policy

Construction Specialties warrants to its purchasers that their C/S Wallglaze® products sold, will be free from defects in materials and will meet the product criteria noted in our brochures when properly applied and maintained. If, in the sole opinion of the Company, a product covered by this warranty is defective, the Company will replace it free of charge. This warranty shall extend for a period of two years following shipment by the Company. This is in lieu of all warranties expressed or implied, and is the sole warranty extended by the Company. The liability of the Company under this warranty is limited to replacement only, and does not include any responsibility for consequential or other damages of any nature.

For further information on how to clean and maintain Wallglaze systems contact Construction Specialties.